EXPOSED: The Killing Cult Targeting Kids

An organisation, believed to be part of a cult, has been found employing sophisticated brainwashing techniques turning kids into murderers. Video footage also shows young ones being enticed into the cult with the promise of treats. And in at least one case, a boy was forced into servitude by the threat of starvation.

How do I know all this? I saw it on television.

No ordinary day in the parkhiding-bushes

In the 30-second spot, by one of the cult’s front organisations, we see two young boys who have just finished soccer practice. Immediately it’s clear something is wrong, as there is no evidence of dirt or perspiration anywhere on the boys. Plus, there is creepy music playing in the background.

As the boys run towards a retro-looking ice-cream van parked nearby, there is yet another anomaly—the van displays no prices. Seriously? A strange man enticing kids to his van with the promise of free ice-cream? Seems innocent enough.   van

Ben, the blue-eyed and fair-skinned star of the show, throws the soccer ball to his slightly-more-ethnic-looking friend yelling “Catch!” but his friend is hopelessly uncoordinated and drops the ball. dropping-ball

Ben arrives at the van and, with his hands now free, ambiguously orders “Two please,” making no mention of size, flavour, or the all-important toppings. One can only assume this is no ordinary treat, but rather an illicit substance peddled by the cult, which Ben has sadly become addicted to. But given no money is exchanged, questions remain as to how Ben is expected to pay for his

The most sickening moment happens next. Before touching the ice cream, Ben gets a flashback from his time inside Cult Headquarters—a horribly bland and sterile place—where a senior cult figure, or his “mother”, watches over him.flashback

Like a good boy, Ben carefully washes his hands, because he knows it’s the only way he’ll get to eat his beloved sandwich. Starvation is a powerful motivator. He is then reminded of the cult’s mantra, disturbingly child-like in its rhyming: “Don’t forget your routine! Give your hands a clean clean clean!”home-washing

With his terrifying flashback over, Ben’s brainwashing kicks-in and he automatically repeats the mantra to the ice-cream man. The old man’s quizzical look turns to a smile as he remembers his own “routine” of adding a little something extra to the

Ben then effortlessly pulls from his bag a bottle of instant hand sanitizer, emblazoned with cult markings, before forcing his bemused friend to join in the ritual. Unbeknownst to Ben, the senior cult member (from his flashback) is watching him from afar. She’s always watching.boys-sharing

Ben is clearly a victim of systematic abuse. Are we supposed to believe that a young boy would really remember—let alone care—to sanitize his already clean hands before eating a delicious ice-cream? Even with the threat of a lifetime sandwich-ban.worried-mum

We are all in danger

It’s not just Ben we should be worried about. My in-depth investigation shows the cult’s agenda is far-reaching. Leaked emails show senior cult members demanding the total and unmerciful killing of all bacteria—in our homes and on our bodies. They want us to be afraid of the bugs and to fight the enemy with weapons they will kindly supply. For a price.

Yes, we should all practice good hygiene. Washing our hands with soap and water helps to stop the spread of infectious disease. But like all extremist groups, the cult has taken a simple truth and distorted it for its own sick agenda.99point9

I worry many people have already been seduced by the cult’s “clean image”. I see them practicing their rituals every day. They buy cleaners, sponges, pillows and even socks that contain bacteria-killing ingredients. They use a range of chemical-weapons in their homes, create dirt-free backyards for their kids and spray toxic gases into the air. And sometimes they refuse to shake my hand.

This sort of behaviour is making us very sick. It is believed that living in overly “clean” environments has contributed to the increased prevalence of asthma and allergies in the developed world. Our immune systems are simply not exposed to the diversity of organisms they once were, which is making our defences weak.

Increasingly, scientists are understanding how healthy bacteria greatly benefit our species. They aid our immune systems, helping us fight disease. They help digest our food and produce the vitamins we need. They help maintain healthy skin, our best barrier against infection. They even assist in managing our body weight (mine are obviously faulty).

Excessive use of antibacterial cleaners in our everyday environment could even be contributing to the evolution of drug-resistant superbugs, in the same way that overuse of antibiotics does.product-shot

We need the good bacteria and shouldn’t be killing them indiscriminately. In fact, of all the cells that make up a human being, 90% of them are microbial, with only 10% being human. So in terms of numbers, we are more bacteria than human.

We must ignore the blatant fear-mongering and focus on creating natural, healthy environments—not sterile ones. Let our kids play in the dirt and eat the occasional booger. If we don’t resist the cult’s profit-lead agenda and stop our obsession with killing, we could face tragic health consequences. But at least we’ll be clean.

And if you happen to see Ben (might not be his real name), please give the boy a sandwich and immediately take him to the nearest drug-rehabilitation clinic.

See the shocking advertisement for yourself